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Here at North San Antonio Family Medicine your health and safety is our top priority during the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.


We are implementing the following measures to keep all of our patients safe.


  1. If you are ill with any cold or flu-like symptoms you should stay home and away from          others.  If you have an appointment at our office we are happy to offer you the option to attend your appointment as a virtual video chat visit or reschedule.

  2. If you are worried about coming into the office for your visit we are willing to see you for a virtual visit if your concern is something that can be managed with a video chat visit

  3. We will continue to employ careful disinfecting and hand washing efforts

  4. Expect to be contacted by our staff either the day before or the morning of your visit to discuss whether or not a switch to a virtual visit is best for you. 


If you have your visit as a virtual visit our staff will call you on or around your visit time. They will check you in over the phone and then direct you to a website where you can access the video chat.  


Your telehealth visit should be covered under your health plan! If you have a commercial insurance policy (ie. Blue Cross, Aetna, etc) telehealth visits are covered the same way as in person visits due to telehealth parity laws in Texas. Medicare doesn't usually cover telehealth visits at home. However, due to the national state of emergency an exception is being made and Medicare will cover these visits. Copays, deductibles, and coinsurances will still apply. You can pay your copay via phone or we can bill you to pay this later. As always, it is your responsibility to understand your insurance coverage for office visits.


If you think that you may have contracted the COVID-19 virus please stay home. It is best that you manage your symptoms at home as long as the symptoms remain mild and not life threatening. Please only go to the ER if you have severe shortness of breath or other signs that your condition is worsening. 


Testing for COVID-19 is best done through drive-thru testing facilities. We are not doing in-office testing.  Once testing facilities are up and running we will direct you to these facilities for testing if needed. 


Take care of yourself and take your meds! We are offering virtual visits to ensure that care is still available for you. We want to help you stay out of the hospital and out of the ER as much as possible. 


Finally, our food drive is moving forward and more important than ever. Please consider donating cash or any food items you have.

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