Welcome, patients! You found me. This is Dr. Mackin's new practice website. There are a number of Dr. Mackin's established patients who have shown interest in coming to see her at her new location. Below are some common questions that established patients may have about the new practice.

Where are you located? 

Visit How to Find Us for more information.

Do you take my insurance?

Our practice will be accepting all of the major commercial insurance plans as well as Medicare. Chances are that we will be accepting your insurance plan. Give us a call to verify this.

Can I schedule a follow up appointment? How does this work?

Since we are a new practice we will be scheduling all patients as new patients at first. However, we will do your follow up at the time of your appointment, including any appropriate medication refills, lab orders, etc. Even if you've been Dr. Mackin's patient for years, we will need you to complete new patient paperwork just to be sure that we have all of your correct information in our medical record system at the time of your first visit. Be sure to mention to the staff that you are a current Dr. Mackin patient from her old practice.

I made an appointment with the staff at Dr. Mackin's old office. Will that appointment automatically be honored at the new office?

This whole process of changing over can be quite confusing! The practice where Dr. Mackin used to be is no longer associated with Dr. Mackin. If you would like to keep Dr. Mackin as your primary care physician simply call our office at 210-892-2971 and schedule an appointment.

How do I get my records transferred?

North San Antonio Family Medicine is a full service primary care office. We take care of that for you! Just call to schedule your appointment. When you come in we will take down your medical history and medication list (bring a list or a bag of your medicine bottles with you if you take more than 3 medicines). The information we get from you will allow us to provide you with your care on that first visit at the new office. We will then request records from Dr. Mackin's old practice as well as from any specialty physicians that you see. The records will be faxed directly to us and placed into your chart. This doesn't cost you any money.

Is Dr. Mackin taking new patients?

Absolutely! Now is the perfect time to get established and to recommend Dr. Mackin to your family and friends. 

I have more questions about this new practice. Where do I find answers?

Give us a call at 210-892-2971. We will do our best to answer your questions and help you navigate this change.

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