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Q. Where are you located? 

A. Visit Find Us for more information.

Q. Do you take my insurance?

A. Our practice accepts most major commercial insurance plans (Blue Cross, Aetna, Humana, etc.)  as well as Medicare. Chances are that we will be accepting your insurance plan. Give us a call to verify this.

Q. What services does Dr. Mackin provide? What is her role as a family doctor?

A. As a family doctor Dr. Mackin provides primary care services for the entire family. This includes preventative care, physicals, sick visits, minor procedures, and chronic disease management. By providing a variety of services to her patients, Dr. Mackin is able to ensure that patients only need to go see a specialist when specialty services are medically necessary for her patients.


Q. What hospital does Dr. Mackin go to?

A. Dr. Mackin does not round at any hospitals. Her practice is outpatient only. This allows her to have more availability for her patients in the office. If you become seriously ill we recommend that you seek care at your nearest ER. If you are our patient and are admitted to the hospital Dr. Mackin will see you for follow up and request records from the hospital where you chose to go.


Q. Are there any services that Dr. Mackin doesn’t provide?

A. Yes, if a service or complaint falls out of the realm of her training or expertise she will suggest that you see a sub-specialist physician. If you have tried several treatments under her care and you have not gotten better she will likely recommend a second opinion from a sub-specialist physician. She is not a pain management specialist and doesn’t prescribe controlled substance pain medication. Also, Dr. Mackin is not taking on any new ADD patients for medication management.


Q. Does North San Antonio Family Medicine accept pediatric patients?

A. Yes! We see patients of all ages.


Q. What does the practice think about vaccines? Can we opt out?

A. Pediatric patients will be expected to adhere to standard recommended immunization schedules. Parents who choose not to immunize their children will be asked to switch their child’s care to a clinician who better adheres to their values.


Q. What about vaccines for adults?

A. We typically stock flu vaccine during flu season and Tdap for adult use. The rest of our in stock vaccines are pediatric vaccines.


Q. Are you taking new patients?

A. We have limited new patient availability.  Please contact the office regarding our current availability for new patient appointments.

Q. Am I able to communicate with Dr. Mackin or other office staff via e-mail?

A. We don't allow any patients to communicate with us via e-mail due to the fact that e-mail is not a secure method of communication.  Patients can communicate or send information via fax, patient portal, postal mail, or drop information off in person.

Q. I have more questions about this practice. Where do I find answers?

A. Give us a call at 210-892-2971. We will do our best to answer your questions.

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