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"Followed Dr. Mackin from her previous practice here and wouldn’t do anything differently. She’s always patient and kind, takes her time listening to patients. GREAT bedside manner. We will be seeing her until we can’t anymore!"

       -Titus C.

"I had a small skin procedure done here, and I was so impressed with the staff and the doctor. Dr. Mackin is skilled and took care of my procedure without any problems. The entire staff was terrific. I would without question recommend this office based on my experience."                                       

        -Michael S.                                                                                           

"I've been a patient of Dr. Macklin for approximately 3 years and she is great! She takes her time to talk with you and never in a rush to get to the next patient like most other doctors. I've never sat in the waiting room for more than 15 minutes, and usually put in a room in less time than that. She just moved to her new office and its really nice, with better parking and access than at her previous location. Her staff is also very friendly. She's a 10+ in my book!"                                    

         -E. Suttonin                                                                                         

"Dr. Mackin is nothing short of amazing. She is attentive, engaged in her patients' well-being, and a true model of how healthcare should be. I trust her 110% with my health and my family. She is an asset to her field and I am proud to call her MY doctor."                       -John W.                                                                                                

"I've seen Dr. Mackin for about a year. Never any problems and have helped me tremendously. She is friendly, knowable, and patient. I have never felt rushed to leave. Highly recommend."                 -Clayton S.                                                                                           

"One of the best doctors that has guided my health. I have improved and hope to eliminate my needs for meds by next year. Listens and answers all my questions. Never hurries through my visit. Never have to wait. She amazing in my book."                                      -Rosalindain                                                                                        

"Dr. Mackin is very caring and compassionate doctor. She takes the time to listen and provides proper medical care. The staff is also very friendly and professional."                                   


"Dr. Mackin has been great working with me on my Type 2 Diabetes. So much that I was on and off insulin less than 6 months and on and off Metformin less than a year or so. We both worked at it, I did my job and she did hers. We made deals and I lost sometimes but it was up to me to get better with her guidance which I did. Thank you Dr. Mackin!!!!"             


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